Grooming services include:-

  • Fully equipped grooming salon

  • Handstripping

  • Bathing (Using our shampoo or one your vet recommends)

  • Clipping & Trimming

  • Nail Clipping

  • Ear Cleaning

All dogs brought into Diamond dogs will be given a essential health check, The following is the check list for any dog health check. 

  1. Eyes- Should be bright & Clear
  2. Nose- Wet & Cold - but a dry nose doesn't always mean a dog is ill, it could be a skin condition.
  3. Skin- Check for any lumps or bumps, fleas, parasites or dry inflamed skin
  4. Teeth- Should give you an idea of the dogs age if its not known, the younger the dog the whiter the teeth will be
  5. Ears- Clean and free from smell
  6. Nails- At a manageable length- trim if too long
  7. Bottom- Clean, Clear & Healthy