Full Diamond Groom

Our full grooming treatment offers everything your dog needs to feel and look great.

The treatment includes:- dead hair removal, nail trim, trim between pads and paws, eye and ear cleanse, double shampoo, warm blow dry, coat styling to your requirements and finishing cologne spritz.


Depending on breed

Smooth Coats

We provide a full groom for smooth coated dogs, but do not charge the full groom price as they don't need to be styled and dont take as long, Examples of these breeds are Pugs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Labradors and Great Danes.

All treatment as the full groom excluding coat styling.


Depending on breed

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is the process of removing the dead hair from a wire-haired or rough-coated dog by hand. A new harsh wire coat will then be able to grow in, Clipping ruins the texture and softens the coat


From- £45 Depending on breed

Puppy's First Bath

Its best to get puppies used to the grooming environment as soon as possible, for puppies up to 6 months old and fully vaccinated.

The treatment includes:- Bath and dry, nail trim, trimming if required (please note we do not like to clip puppies hair if under 6 months old unless matted-this will be priced accordingly) ears cleaned and lots of cuddles and fun.


3 to 4 months old- £15

5 to 6 Months old- £20

Teeth Cleaning

A 100% Ultrasound toothbrush that kills bacteria and promotes healthy gums. No brushing is required

We can offer ultrasound teeth cleaning during your dogs regular grooming sessions, However if there is plaque/tartar present, we recommend that you start with a course of weekly treatments


All Breeds:- Initial treatment £30.00 (includes supply of your dogs toothbrush) initial visit will last 30 minutes

All Breeds:- All subsequent treatments £15.00 Follow-up visits will last 20 minutes

All Breeds:- A course of 6 treatments £99.00 (includes supply of your dogs toothbrush)

Sparkling Eye Treatment

A gentle clean around the eyes and trim.



Clean Ear Treatment

Ears will be cleaned, trimmed, plucked if needed and deodorised



Nail Clipping

Clipping the dogs nails and filed off to smooth




The pawdicure includes a paw soak, nail trim, trim between toes and pads plus a paw massage.



Diamond Pawdicure

The diamond pawdicure includes all of the benefits of the regular pawdicure with the added extra of a paw wax massage to soothe cracked and dry paws



Aromatherapy Bath & Body Massage

A relaxing treatment for your dog, they will be massaged with natural aromatic bath salts which nourish the skin and coat and relax muscles.


Small- £15  Medium- £20  Large- £25

Please Note

Please note we only accept Cash or Cheques-Made payable to Claire Stoter or Diamond dogs grooming. Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment-- if the requiried amount of notice is not given you will be charged for the full groom.